Wednesday, November 23, 2005

King Tut's Tomb

Tuts tomb
Doth reveal
Thy mysterious
Castle erected for a
Golden crowned King
Entombedwith goblets of
Elixers wine and enormous
Purple succulence green and dark
Magenta Grapes surrounded by ripe
Cheese Seen now in repose as He reclines
On his damask chaise gilt in gold leaf as he
Looks upon the golden threads a perfect design
His frail heart anxiously awaits his own betrothed
Crossing still cold secreted passages of mortals boundaries
From her majestic bejeweled throne above nile euphrates and sands
Finally kneeling clothed in an azure gown of sapphires Her Pearls of Wisdom
Glisten intwined among her perfectly plaited shining tresses offering the fruit of
His Highness with milky soft hands as He and His Queen absorb Wisdon Eternally